I recently graduated from Rutgers University New Brunswick. I majored in Visual Arts and my concentration was design and photography. During the 4 years at Rutgers University, I have taken courses that involved graphic design, web design and photography. With these courses, I was able to improve my style in design and photography. I learned how to code in HTML, CSS, Java and JavaScript. I was able to find my own style in photography and graphic design. I realized that I love personalizing my work because gives me a sense of connection and satisfaction with my projects.

My dream career involves graphic design, and photography but I also like to explore other mediums of art. I usually include something personal and meaningful towards my projects because I want the audience to be moved by my work. I have worked on branding, posters, packaging, tyopgraphy, books (interior and exterior designs), web design, portrait, architecture, landscape, and street photography.

For business inquiries only, my contact is jennyha.design@gmail.com